Working Environment

Rotherley Construction aims to foster a safe and secure working environment for its employees through the provision of education, promotion, implementation and training of its employees in Health and Safety procedures. It is the policy of Rotherley Construction Inc. that the safety of our clients, employees, subcontractors, all other site personnel and visitors is a vital aspect of our operations.

Dedication to Safety

In accordance with Section 103 of the Barbados Health & Safety at Work Act, Rotherley Construction Inc. has a functioning safety committee comprising of a Health & Safety Officer, a Company Director, one Construction foreman and union delegates from the work sites. Our dedication to safety has been lauded by the government as well as the trade unions in Barbados and our safety officers have been used extensively to promote our health and safety approach to the wider community.


It is the responsibility of both the company and the employees to maintain this environment daily so that our projects are free of accidents. To this end, there are scripted, detailed and clear guidelines for the various areas of construction including scaffolding & working at heights, trenching & shoring, site layout & general housekeeping, maintenance and use of equipment on site.In keeping with the company’s focus on maintaining high standards of health and safety practices; employees are exposed to formal First Aid training. This training is carried out in conjunction with the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Inc. In so doing the company not only complies with the Health and Safety legislation of Barbados but provides vital training and education for employees in order to reduce the risk of injury on construction sites and in emergency situations.